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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you can find some answers to some of the most frequent doubts about Valencian Arts and Crafts.

What is the Crafts Qualification Document?

The Crafts Qualification Document (D.C.A.) is a non-compulsory document certifying that its owners are recognized as craftsmen and women by the Local Administration. Its possession is essential to benefit from any advantage (legal or administrative) that may be established for the craft industry in the Valencian Community. The processing of this document is done through the Service for the Promotion of the Trade and Crafts, inside the Economy, Industry and Trade Department (tel: 963869619)

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How is it possible to ask for the label CRAFT FROM THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY?

This label guarantees the craft condition of a company. To be able to use the label, it is necessary to be in possession of the Crafts Qualification Document (D.C.A.). The Arts and Crafts Center of the Valencian Community is the entity that negotiates the request of this label.

What is the Arts and Crafts Center of the Valencian Community?

We are an entity whose main aim is to spread and foster the craftsmanship of the Valencian Community as well as to promote its business consolidation and competitiveness through the development of promotional policies involving information, formation, analysis, assistance and coordination. The Center was founded by the Generalitat Valenciana, being its Company, University and Science Department and the City Council of Valencia the ones establishing in may 1987 the Consorcio de Gestin del Centro de Artesana de la Comunitat Valenciana (Arts and Crafts Center Management Consortium in the Valencian Community). The aim of this centre is to develop the potential of craftsmen and women as an important part of the fabric of Valencian production and as a survival guarantee for our cultural and artistic roots.

What is the legislation in force about Arts and Crafts in the Valencian Community?


Cmo puedo aparecer en el directorio web de artesanos de la Comunitat Valenciana y mostrar mis productos?

Podrn aparecer en el Directorio web de Artesanos de la Comunitat Valenciana aquellos artesanos y empresas empresas artesanas que estn en posesin del Documento de Calificacin Artesana (DCA), debidamente actualizado, y que, en cumplimiento de la Ley Orgnica 15/1999 de Proteccin de Datos de Carcter Personal, hayan prestado su consentimiento escrito para figurar en el mismo.

Adicionalmente, el Directorio incluye la posibilidad de que los artesanos y las empresas artesanas puedan mostrar, junto a sus datos de contacto, fotografas e imgenes de sus productos, sin coste alguno. Para que esto sea posible, nicamente deben hacernos llegar aquellas imgenes de sus productos que consideran ms significativos, va mail o correo ordinario o, si lo prefieren, y en caso de que dispongan de su propia pgina web, indcarnos aquellas imgenes que deseen que aparezcan en su ficha.

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