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Organization - Information

Conscious of the importance that information has on every level, we put our web page at the disposal of craftsmen and women, as well as any other person, offering them the possibility to have access to our database and any other specific information, answering to any consultation related to craftsmanship and offering them our services. At the same time, we pretend to serve as a presentation platform for Valencian Arts and Crafts, showing the added value of their products and promoting the participation of related companies, institutions and organizations in the events we plan with that aim in view.
Taking into account the huge development of the information society during the last years as well as the application of new technologies to the transmission of knowledge, the Arts and Crafts center of the Valencian Community is working to divulge interesting materials specially related to craftsmanship. In this sense, through this web page, craftsmen and women can have access to all the current information considered as highly important to craftsmanship. At the same time, this center invites any craftsman or woman to send back all the information about activities related to craftsmanship so as to widen its general promotion and knowledge.

Organization - Planning and research analisis

The promotion of competitiveness in the craft sector is one of the main aims of our center. To achieve it, it is necessary to promote crafts knowledge and research through the analysis and design of appropriate strategies allowing to determine their potentiality and their future possibilities. Therefore, the establishing of a periodical system of data collection allows this center to have a follow-up program on the evolution of different aspects of this sector. The final purpose in this case is to keep alive this Observatory of Valencian Craftsmanship, making possible at the same time the promotion of actions and strategies related to this activity.
On the other hand, conscious of the importance that new technologies and any other innovations have for the craft industry, the Arts and Crafts center of the Valencian Community participates in research works helping to attain the competitiveness required by the market. With the purpose to bring the technological advances near to the craft sector, without making it lose its traditional creativity and essence, the Arts and Crafts center of the Valencian Community is backing the elaboration and publication of guides that catalogue the different craft processes and deepen the knowledge of Valencian craftsmanship and its characteristic elements.

Organization - Promotion

The Valencian craft industry is known for making products with a personal hallmark, both traditional and customized, a hallmark that only Valencian craftsmen and women can stamp despite the passage of time, granting that way an added competitive value. The Arts and Crafts center of the Valencian Community works spreading and fostering the value of hand-made products through information, consultation and promotion of our craft industry as well as supporting the continuity of crafts and activities that belong to our common cultural heritage.
To offer the best possibilities of promotion to the craft industry in our Community, the Arts and Crafts center of the Valencian Community is working to establish a collaboration with all the public or private institutions or entities that may be able to promote, protect or encourage the special characteristics of our craftsmanship as well as to show, present or introduce it to sectors where it was completely unknown.
In this sense, the collaboration with the Cmara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Navegacin de Valencia or with the Fundacin Espaola para la Artesana, has been very effective. This center is working together with the Fundacin Comunitat Valenciana-Regin Europea to approach the rest of Europe, opening new ways of commercialisation for our craft industry.
The Arts and Crafts Center of the Valencian Community is also establishing a tight collaboration with the "Commerce and Consumer General Direction" to evaluate the promotional actions requested by the associations and entities representing the craft industry in our Community. This center operates as a mediator between this industry and the Public Administration, working through the analysis and follow-up of the basis and economical, social or organisational repercussions of these promotional actions.

Organization - Training

Training constitutes one of the main references in the craft sectors, not only with regard to the learning of the craft itself which allows to obtain high quality and design products. These products can hardly be reproduced by the competition and have an added value and prestige in the market as contrasted with their major cost due to manpower. Moreover, training is a key factor to get to know the company internal organization.
The Arts and Crafts Center of the Valencian Community, aware of the importance of training for these sectors, encourages the organization of courses which are arranged by the main crafts associations. It also collaborates with the Commerce and Consumer General Direction and it supports the attendance of both the individual craftsman and craft industries to these training courses of interest for them.
Also, it collaborates with the City Council of Valencia and the Employment Valencian Service in the development of the project "Craft House Traditional Costumes Maker".
On the other hand, it plans to carry out periodically courses, talks, conferences and seminars which would be of interest for the craftsmen. These would deal not only with the specialities of the crafts but also with business training and specialized advice.
The Arts and Crafts Center of the Valencian Community has signed a collaboration agreement with the Watchmakers, Jewellers, Tailors and Dressmakers Corporations, by which it allows to use its premises so that training courses on the above mentioned three subjects could be carried out.
Besides it has a multi-purpose hall that is available for any craft association who would request it.

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